Camera 1:DeerCam

“is a Canon FS300 connected thru a Hauppauge WinTV 950Q. The software is WebcamXP v3.72.44 @ 720x480.”

Camera 2:DeerCam

“is a Sony Hi 8 connected thru a Hauppauge WinTV 950Q with WebcamXP v3.72.44. It is a Acer 5732Z Laptop.”

Camera 3:

“is a Microsoft Lifecam with a USB connection. The webcam software is WebcamXP v3.72.44 @ 640x480.”

The Computer:HP-PC

“for camera one & three is an HP with 8GB RAM; Processor 3.20GHz AMD A85500 with Radeon HD Graphics. Windows 8 using Century Link DSL.”

More deer appear at night
and in mid-winter. Feeding
time is about 5:00 pm